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Re: [APD] CO2 in the mist

One possible theory: although the CO2 is at some sane level,
all those bubbles go somewhere - that is if I understand
correctly and you have stray CO2 bubbles "in the wild" in
your tank as a result of this gizmo (direct url?)

So, if you have a bunch of tiny CO2 bubbles floating around
then I posit a significant enough number of them attach to
plants to increase the apparant CO2 percentage to the plant.

The water column may test out at say 30ppm but the plant may 
think and feel like its getting 60 or perhaps 300 ppm bf virtue
of the proximity of the plant to tiny bubbles of CO2 attached
all over the plant by surface tension.

Do fine leaved plants have fine leaves because they have
a larger surface area which would in thery give them
an advantage. Like, oh, say trapping bubbles of gas -
O2 at sunset trapped in the leaves might perhaps
be of some utility at night. Do plants pearl CO2 at
night? If they did any of those bubbles trapped in the
morning might be of some use during the day.

Just a thought...


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