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Re: [APD] KH Test variance

S. Hieber wrote:

>Well, it's hard for a manufacturer to control on-the-shelf
>time without going to each store and auditing -- something
>that would be rather expensive, I imagine. But Seachem has
>always been great at customer service.
>If you do have a particular trace element deficiency or
>excess, iron levels aren;t likely to show that, is it? I
>wouldhave thought that the appearance of the plants would
>be a better indicator.
>But it never hurts to know :-)
>Scott H.
It's all part of my getting back in gear. I replaced the compact 
flourscent (2x55watt) with a pair of Coralife 10,000K. Since they were 
going on a couple years old, they needed replacing, and I'm willing to 
bet it was the major factor in the loss of plant life. ... combined with 
neglect that is ... That and the $ for the bulbs. The CoraLife 10,000k 
bulbs definitly have a different hue. Blue as upposed to red. The tank 
looks completely different with them.

Fun fun fun...

- Chris.
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