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Re: [APD] CO2 revelations

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Can we test either theory in a reasonably easy fashion?

I think I have an idea that might work. If we hook the reactor back up 
so that it isn't venting any bubbles, and hook an air pump to the 
diffuser that is placed near the spray bar, we should get a confirmation 
or contradiction of the theory. If it is indeed the CO2 bubbles that are 
increasing the pearling, this experiment should result in no pearling. 
If the pearling is the result of increased O2 dissolution, the result of 
this experiment should be the same as when the CO2 is injected through 
the disk at the spray bar.

What do you think? The only potential pitfall I see is if the extraneous 
gas in the CO2 cylinder is not O2. Ideally, we could design an 
experiment that used the undissolved gases from the cylinder for both 
portions of the experiment.

Jerry Baker
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