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[APD] CO2 in the mist

Richard and urville,
I simply placed the diffuser disc in the same location as the Venturi reactor that I have shown on my site. Both gave the same results. So I doubt it's all due to the purging of the O2 as I'd previsously suggested.
That's how science goes, we go down and rule things out one by one. 
What we are left with that matches well and seems plausible, we go with. 
So so ideas get replaced with better ones. I think this is one of those changes. 
I've added pure O2 in the past also, naw, it does not help, not like this.
I used a DO meter also to measure the differences in plant production and O2 levels.
All I can say is "wow". I know why it works finally after having made the venturi diffuser some 10-12 years ago now.
If you add current and mist, the 100% pure CO2 GAS is much better at driving plant growth(thus health+ more O2 and reduction of algae) than dissolved thick old water with 30ppm.
Adjusting the current to blow the mist into the plants will really drive them to grow faster. 
Gases diffuse faster(high flux rates) than liquids, also, fish are not influenced perhaps as nearly as much dissolved CO2 (thus ADA's suspciously low CO2 levels, yet awesome growth). 
I would not suggest folks doing 24/7 CO2 injection to do this.
Turn it off at night.
Richard, by using two different methods(actually several) for adding the mist and observing the plants/DO levels(DO was used to determine more/less growth), they produce similar results.
This is independent of O2 (Reactor has excess O2 build up, the diffuser does not. Also, I added pure O2 to verify), of flow rates, plant species, nutrient levels and KH.
Pure gas comes in contact with the plant's leaves/stems. That is about as direct as as delivery method as you can get. The CO2 dissolved in solution does not even matter as long as you get the gas to come into contact with the plant's leaves/stems.
Which is sort of cool.
Some Amano tank parameter's may have had only 15ppm of CO2 using a disc in the water, but with the pure gas hitting the plants, it could be much higher and drive the growth rates better.
So when you first turn on the lights and it takes time fior the CO2 to get back up(say 1-2 hours), adding the mist right away solves any CO2 demands that would lag due to pH control, dissolved CO2 measurements. So your plants are CO2 maxed out right away all day long.
That is cool.
Well, I have more testing to do, but..............I think this explains a lot of the variation and also shows folks a good way to really optimize their CO2.
The end result of that is awesome growth, good health for all plant species, less algae issues.
But I would caution folks to use care, make sure you do not kill your fish etc and turn the gas off at night. 
This really should be the main focus to help new and old timers. Nutrients and delivery is rather simple and easy to rule out.
I also ruled out pearling/DO levels due to water change timing, often we see good pearling for a day or two afterwards, this time I waited 1 and then 2 weeks, dosed the same, then measured DO and then adjusted the CO2 to misting.
All I can say is wow. Huge difference and it's nothing to do with water changes.
It was not dosing nutrients, it was not the substrate, it weas not the water change routine/timing, it was not any other changes I could find.
If you have a better idea about why this would be causing this, I'm all ears.
But the best solution to the answer yet is pure CO2 gas hitting the plants directly vs dissolved CO2 in a thick visicous H2O solution.  
100% dissolving ability might not be the best solution for practical horticulture!
That __is__ a revelation.
I have assumed this to be true. That may be a poor assumption.
Simply getting the gas to the plants directly in gas form might be the best approach.  
I know many folks have seen and observed their plants near the CO2 reactor outflow and neat the disc, plants always pearl better there.  
Now why not the entire tank?
I saw this for many years with the venturi reactors.
I wondered how could a reactor purge CO2/O2 yet still produce better growth than a reactor that did 100% dissolving efficency?
While my advice on CO2 has helped many over the years suggesting more focus on it and dosing at high levels, I think this is a better more evolved approach that explains more of the observations and the issues I've already ruled out.
Delivery and the gas form rather than efficiency of the dissolving method appears to be more critical.
I'll published the DO data and other details on the report later after I get the K+ article done.
Time to go kill some weeds:-)

Tom Barr

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