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Re: [APD] CO2 revelations

Thomas Barr wrote:
> I addressed the O2 issue simply, I used a diffuser disk for CO2(no O2 gas build up occurs).
> But that did not do it __alone__.
> I wondered why.
> So I placed the diffuser disc near similar current like that produced by the venturi reactor after is starts mistuing the gas out the bottom.
> Lo and behold, Bam! Excellent similar growth.

We know that pearling happens after water changes because of the 
capacity of water to carry dissolved O2 has been exceeded, and this is 
usually due to a relatively rapid temperature change that occurs before 
gases can equalize. Cold water holds more gases than warm water. When 
the saturated water is added to the tank, the O2 from the plants can't 
dissolve, and so we get pearling. I think we can all agree that this 

I would speculate that using the diffuser disk near the output of a 
filter causes pearling for a similar reason. If the gases that normally 
build up in the reactor, and are normally vented to the atmosphere, are 
forced into the water column by the disk, then we will get the same 
effect as a water change. In other words, the metabolism of the plants 
hasn't changed, but the dissolved gas level in the water column has been 

Can we test either theory in a reasonably easy fashion?

Jerry Baker
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