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Re: [APD] KH Test variance

S. Hieber wrote:

>Never used SeaChem's but haven't had much luck with iron
>test kits. I think as a rule if a test kit registers
>anyting at all, you probably have enough iron. Unless the
>plants shows chlorosis, and you are using a trace mix, I
>wouldn't worry about iron levels.
I'm using iron as a baseline for the tracemix content in the tank. I 
believe the mix is prepared on that basis. The reason for the kit is to 
determine consumption and therefore a delivery rate.  I do hear you, as 
it's best to keep iron at the low end of the scale. The idea behind the 
seachem kit was to get more of an idea other than [not] enough iron. I 
found a bulletin on their site which determins my reagent needs to be 
replaced. Gotta love expired reagent right out of box.

- Chris.
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