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Re: [APD] Hurricane Help

Thanks Terry,
We will be out on time, I will leave earlier if needed. I went thru Alicia  
22 years ago, it was a category 3 and it was bad enough.
My stand is pretty full with a sump 2 eheim's and a 20 # CO2 bottle but I  
can move things out of the way and put some blocks on the ends and in the  
As far as the battery air pumps go, one of those things that you always  mean 
to buy but never do (like the generator I was going to buy a few weeks  ago). 
The bait shops all around here always have battery operated pumps but it  is 
to late for that now.
I will do a large water change before I leave and when I return I will  
continue to do water changes twice a day. That is if the water is on or comes  back 
on before the electricity.
Thanks again,
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