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Re: [APD] Hurricane Help

 i'd take them in bags, buy a rubbermaid bin and treat it like a tank, 
bring your things like a canister filter if you use one, or something to 
keep the bacteria, wash the bin fill, dechlorinate etc. better than 
nothing. i mean i wouldnt leave them if you care that much. it may be 
hard on them but.... it's better than saltwater death or falling death. 
even if i was a t a hotel i'd put my do not disturb sign out. maybe take 
some tank water in gallon jugs you use for sprng water at supermarkets?

you could get a UPC they use for computers in floods and outages runs a 
certain amount of time cheaper ones run two hours. and thats running a 
computer. strip to the essential electric devices, buy some cinder 
blocks a buck each . drain the tank... of course this wont work if its 
real big.... make the cinder blocks really tall, add some wood put the 
tank and UPC up high and hope for the best...

thats a hard one. this is all i could think of

Billionzz at aol_com wrote:

>I live in the Houston area about 1 1/2 blocks off the bay. If we get hit  
>real hard I may not be concerned with my tanks and discus but I'm hoping it  
>won't come to that.
>I'm leaving my house around 4 am Friday morning, and at that time I was  
>planning on turning off my tank because at the least will probably lose power  for 
>awhile. If I leave it on and it comes back on I'm afraid of the bacteria  
>that died harming my fish.
>I also have a stand that was a bad Idea for my 120g tank, it is like cheap  
>furniture (pressed board that is covered). I'm afraid that it will just 
>collapse  if I get any water in my house. 
>I hope to be back late Saturday or Sunday if I can get in but we may not  
>have water for a few days also. 
>Any suggestions or ideas on how to about all of this would be appreciated. 
>Thanks for your help,
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