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Re: [APD] Profile Substrate

i did it like amano, i used the profile and then on top sand and i 
pulled back the lower level on the sides and front and pushed some  sand 
down so you would never know there was any profile

Jerry Baker wrote:

>william ruyle wrote:
>>I mixed sand with the profile at 1:3 ratio, along with crushed black 
>>lava rock to darken it up abit,
>>works great. It also breaks up the uniform tan color of the profile.
>I'm thinking of going with mostly Profile mixed with some plain old 
>silica sand. The sand should help weigh down the plants and break up the 
>monotone of the Profile. The only thing cheaper than Profile is silica 
>sand anyway ;) I just need to compare the colors to make sure it won't 
>be too contrasty for my taste. I don't think so though. Wet sand is a 
>fairly medium-dark color that shouldn't be too different in contrast 
>from the Profile.
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