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Re: [APD] Profile Substrate

I mixed sand with the profile at 1:3 ratio, along with crushed black 
lava rock to darken it up abit,
works great. It also breaks up the uniform tan color of the profile.


Jerry Baker wrote:

>I finally found a local place that sells Profile products. Apparently 
>all you can buy in the LA area is either Turface (too big), or Profile 
>"for Greens" (a golf course thing). The Profile for Greens is almost a 
>sand ... very fine 
>(http://www.profileproducts.com/golf/ppc_sand/index.cfm). I have read 
>just about every post in the archives that even has the words "profile" 
>and "substrate" in them, but I have one question: does anyone use the 
>fine-grained stuff, and does it hold down plants? I read where Chuck 
>Gadd had a problem getting Profile to hold down some plants. I don't 
>know what grain size he was using, but my hope is that it was a larger 
>one. It would seem to me that the larger the grain, the less contact 
>with the stems and roots, which would mean less frictional resistance to 
>floating out of the substrate.
>Anyone? I'm too poor to get 175lbs of Fluorite, or 220 lbs of Eco-complete.
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