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[APD] Profile Substrate

I finally found a local place that sells Profile products. Apparently 
all you can buy in the LA area is either Turface (too big), or Profile 
"for Greens" (a golf course thing). The Profile for Greens is almost a 
sand ... very fine 
(http://www.profileproducts.com/golf/ppc_sand/index.cfm). I have read 
just about every post in the archives that even has the words "profile" 
and "substrate" in them, but I have one question: does anyone use the 
fine-grained stuff, and does it hold down plants? I read where Chuck 
Gadd had a problem getting Profile to hold down some plants. I don't 
know what grain size he was using, but my hope is that it was a larger 
one. It would seem to me that the larger the grain, the less contact 
with the stems and roots, which would mean less frictional resistance to 
floating out of the substrate.

Anyone? I'm too poor to get 175lbs of Fluorite, or 220 lbs of Eco-complete.

Jerry Baker
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