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Re: [APD] plexi lid vs glass?

On 9/20/05, Kelleen Harris <kelleen_harris at csumb_edu> wrote: 
> Hi, you guys have been discussing how much light is lost through glass. 
> That is good to know. Anyone know if more or less is lost through a 0.25inch piece of plexi from Home Depot? I friend of mine added this to his tank 
> and I was considering doing
> it also. I have so much evaporation with an open top.
> Thanks,
> Kelleen Harris

 Hi Kelleen,
 If there was much difference at all you would be able to see it. If you 
want to know how much light is lost traveling through anything just hold it 
up in front of a white wall. Substances with poor transmission qualities 
make the wall look darker or will make it appear to be colored or both. The 
human eye doesn't do a very good job of discerning wavelengths of light but 
it does an outstanding job of measuring light intensity.
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