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Re: [APD] Light and Lids

With a luxometer I messured 11% loss. The same value was obtenied with 3 mm 
to 6 mm glass.


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>Subject: [APD] Light and Lids
>Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 06:19:15 -0700
>One question I have is if all these light measurements and stuff take into
>account any glass or acrylic cover which might be on the tank? Standard 
>cover glass is probably pretty bad at transmitting light - no extra-low
>dispersion glass, no anti-reflective coating, standard green soda glass. 
>anybody ever done studies to show how much light is lost in the lid?
>  My husband enjoys these discussions mightily, since he is an active 
>astronomer, which is all about light gathering capabilities. They spend 
>time on their lists discussing how best to get light from place (star) to
>place (eye) too.
>  Rachel
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