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Re: [APD] Removal of Gary Hair Algae

I had some of the gray hair algae stuff show up after
intensely dosing KNO3 for a month or so (NO3 was up around 
50 ppm). Once I backed off on the KNO3, the gray hairs went
away. I've heard it's not that easy if you have teenagers

Scott H.

--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> lol. awwwwww. whats wrong with killie people?
> Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> >That's not algae thats mermaid pubic hair. Three days of
> >regular kno3 dosing plus flourish excel gets rid of it
> for me.
> >
> >A three day blackout + kno3 should do it to, but I hate
> having the lights 
> >off.
> >
> >In a propely fertilized tank this stuff just dissolves
> in a few days.
> >
> >The low tech approach in to throw them in a bucket for a
> week or two
> >and when you find that bucket again a few months later
> the plants
> >that are still alive will be remakably algae free.
> >
> >Now Charles, you're a killifish guy. So what is it
> you're looking 
> >at? Java Moss or Java fern? Want some duckweed? Or a
> kitten?

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