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Re: [APD] Alternatives to watt/gallon rule

Dave Wilson wrote:
> I don't think the 1000 watt MH's would be a good idea for everybody as the
> electricity bill for the public aquarium was around $75,000 per year.   You
> had to swin in the tank to clean the glass and when you stood under the
> lights it was a very short time before the steam coming off your head would
> have turned to smoke if you didn't move.

I've thought about the camera thing. Especially since I have a 
"prosumer" digital SLR that is fairly good at metering. It doesn't have 
a spot meter though. I am seriously thinking about getting the Apogee 
flux meter. It would be an interesting exercise to measure various things.

Your aquarium sounds like the one some of us daydream of having 
(probably because we don't have to maintain the one in our daydream).

I have often wondered about applying an infrared blocking film to a 
shield in extreme cases of MH lighting heating up a tank.

Jerry Baker
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