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Re: [APD] Plants that apple snails won't eat...

I have to tell you I had my best chuckle of the day at the thought of trying to find the species for mass retail bamboo. The places where I live that sell bamboo include gift boutiques and Wal-Mart.  Most of the bamboo is formed into interesting shapes and I seriously doubt if the display includes any kind of "distracting" label with "extraneous" information like species, although there may be a calligraphy hangtag telling you about the good luck you'll be gathering from its presence in your home <eye roll>.  What I want to see is someone at one of these stores trying to make a customer satisfied by identifying species.  Yes, I'm evil but I'm afraid I'm working overtime and can't go to the mall this week.  Anyone game?

The Dragon Hunter <dragon_hunter at dragons-realm.net> wrote:
I couldn't tell you to save my life. the two stores that are selling it
both just say bamboo. They don't know the species. Sorry.

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