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Re: [APD] watts per gallon for Tom Barr

As one of those people with glazed over eyes (though not a newbie), I am  
just too absorbed in my hectic life to deal with scientific measurements and  
experiments.  I am content to let more knowledgeaqble folks sort that stuff  out. 
In the meantime, I have been very grateful to those of you who have  answered 
my questions, when I have been stymied by some plant topic,  like the quick 
meltdown of my Blyxa awhile ago.  I will probably try it  once more if I find 
it somewhere where I can see the plant in "person" before  buying it, but if I 
fail with it again, I will just let that be it.  I have  a decent number of 
plants that grow very well in my water and light conditions,  so my tanks will 
never be plantless, just more monotonous than you folks would  probably be 
willing to put up with.  In the meantime, I would like to say  that I really enjoy 
lurking, and have picked up several bits of info that are  very useful to me 
that way.  Kudos to you plant gurus out there, and  special thanks to Tm for 
his wonderful sense of humor.
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