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Re: [APD] watt/gallon rule

Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> FWIW, a year ago I haganged Barr im private email with the "wpg
> ain't good enough" mantra. Today I think it's probably more accurate
> than we need. Of course I have a lot more proper plant growing experience
> now than a year ago. All of your theoretical examples don't get you
> wuch trade in allowance at the local fish store.

I can't get the LFS to take plants even for free. I always had to throw 
it away. You can get pounds of hygro and rotala every week without much 
effort I discovered. The race car pace of growth in a 75G with 220W of 
AH Supply lighting was a bit much for my taste though. Until I tried it, 
I never believed that some plants can grow more than an inch in a single 

Despite all the talking, disagreements, and frustrations, we should all 
remember that we are here because we have a shared joy in keeping 
planted aquariums. We are more alike than not, and I suppose that's a 
good thing ;)

Thanks for listening (reading).

Jerry Baker
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