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[APD] Removal of Gary Hair Algae

A friend of mine, a fellow aquarium club member and quite a planted 
tank enthusiast has offered me a few plants from his tanks. Nice - 
red - almost everything.

Problem is, he has some of the finest most dense growths of this 
shimmering grey hair algae growing on his rocks, wood, filter stems, 
plants and about everything else that doesn't move in his tanks. 
Tanks ranging from 30 to 250 gallons.

I would like to take him up on his offer but so far I have been able 
to avoid such an infestation.

Other than saying "no thanks", is there anything I might do to get 
the plants and not the Algae?

Thanks for the help.

Charles Harrison
Charles & Sue Harrison
Corgis and Tropical Fish
319 Martigney Dr.
Mehlville, MO  63129

Change as much water as often as you can!
Charles Harrison in St Louis
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