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Re: [APD] Plants that apple snails won't eat...

Looks like I've got a couple of Pomacea canaliculata.  Voracious plant
eaters.  :)
My daughter likes them too much for me to consider getting rid of them, so I
guess I'll just not keep plants in that tank.  :(
I tried feeding them fresh spinach, cabage, and carrots this weekend and
they loved it.  My pl*co liked it too.
At least I can keep them well fed without sacrificing my plants.

>There are apple snails and there are ....apple snails.
>Visit the web site Stuart Halliday suggested below and identify using the
shell diagrams the type of snail you have.
>Pomacea bridgesii do not eat plants. I've been breeding them for 5 years
and if you keep them well fed they will not eat your plants. I've got dozens
of them in two heavily planted tanks.
>If you have the variety that eats plants (and some are voracious eaters)
then you will not be able to grow plants in that tank.
>> John Lemons wrote:
>>> I've got a couple of fist sized apple snails that my Daughter just
>>> Problem is, they eat EVERYTHING.  I don't mean nibble, I mean easily 
>>> consume whatever I put in there in very short order.  I want to keep 
>>> some plants in the tank, but I'm not sure what, if anything they 
>>> won't eat.  Anyone have any ideas?
>> Amazing. I've got 6 and they don't eat any of my plants.
>> I've got Pomacea bridgesii yellow.
>> http://www.applesnail.net/content/species/pomacea_bridgesi.htm
>> --
>> Stuart Halliday

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