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Re: [APD] Low light and Gloss

>Thats it though, I have my co2 on one tank at 38 and 60 on the other. I 
>dose EI, and i'm sure i've got sufficient levels. So light is my 
>limiting factor at 3.5 WPG and 4 WPG, thats why I'm so interested.
Well, this is definitely not the issue, that much I can say. If you are doing EI, you can pretty much rule out the nutrients, make sure you do GH well, many seem to overlook that part.....
Then all that is left is CO2 and maintenance. 
I suggest at approaching it this way: rule out things step wise. Then if you are very confident that is NOT the issue keep going till all you are left with is CO2.
Then crank that up till you see the nice plant response. Some have never seen how good their tank can look because they have not ever seen a tank do so well from really good conditions.
Take a peek at some contest winning tanks, ADA tanks that are pearling well, etc.
The plants are the ultimate test.
You can rule out light pretty easily.
Plenty of other folks do well with less light, you have no reason to assume I nor they would lie to you. 
Just for the sake of argument, assume they are telling the truth. 
Well, perhaps the best thing I can say also is have a little __patience__ with Gloss, Hair Grass, Hemianthus etc, give them 2-3 weeks to grow in well, make sure you do now have lots of bottom dwellers uprooting and disturbing the plants. After a couple of weeks, the Gloss should fill in. Unless you have other plants over shadowing it, it'll do fine.
Some of the best Gloss rugs I've seen were at 2-2.2 w/gal range.
>just my 0.02. you know i used think Tom hated me over at APC. 
Nope, I like you, you have a lot of enthusiasm which is what keeps the hobby going. 
I do not hate anybody. So if you think I do, you'll just have to try a lot harder.
>But I 
>realized after talking with some people, that I just wasnt used to the 
>way Tom talks in type. I really doubt he was trying to belittle anyone. 
>even in the midst of a discussion on verying popular methods of 
>fertilization, where tom was getting outright attacked I've never seen 
>him actually try to belittle anyone. 
Really? I don't recall, I do feel a little bit at lost, I could have had fun:-) Well, sometimes I do:-) 
>In fact he actually encouraged some 
>of them not to give up on it who were having trouble. i'm just saying 
>that its easy to take something in type the wrong way because theres no 

Oh I really am a stinker in person, ask around:) If they say otherwise they are lying! 
Tom Barr


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