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Re: [APD] low light

Actually low growing, and slow growing Gloss at 1.5 w/gal on NO FL's.
Jeff Kropp also grew it at this level, I saw the plants in person at his home.
I think if folks do use low light, use lots of CO2, good water changes, pruning, nutrients etc just like you do for the high light tanks.
While MANY folks you do not need CO2 at the lower end of light intensity, it helps a GREAT deal, much like the high light tanks.
But unlike the high light tanks, this allows less algae issues and more flexibilty(or neglect) of dosing routines as well.
Like high light tanks, adding CO2 fully __maximizes your light use efficiency also.
So all those folks counting watts, lumens, little physicists, might want to focus on good CO2/nutrients routines learned at high light, and applying them to low/er light.
This is what I did to come up with EI, I used lots of light, then went back and tried it on low light.
Light is then dependent variable since I ruled out CO2 and the nutrients. So you can change this by distance, bulb type, intensity, measure with all sorts of meters, etc.
You do not need a PAR measurement really to get consistency and recommend lights etc.
Experience with the lights when the other issues are non limiting is pretty useful even if you have no clue as to what an Einstein might be.
I think all the effort put into the light issue should be placed into the CO2 issue. That will help many many more folks be successful at plants.
Tom Barr
>Tom Barr claims he's grown it in 2wpg NO, but my attempts at this has thrown
>me in your camp:-( To be fair, tho, I had stem plants I had to cut back 
>to expose
>the glosso to what light there was....got to be a PITA.


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