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[APD] Elatine sp "Yuba"

Well, as I was killing some weeds in a canal the other day up in Yuba county in the Sierra foothills, I noticed some Glossostigma looking ground cover growing in the clear fast flowing canal in permantly submersed conditions. Silty clay substrate. Temp about 66F.
[B]It looks a lot[/B] like HC. It has spread since I first spotted it and I brought back a lot this time. We are killing most everything in this Hydrilla infested canal and this plant is at the very end of a 3.5 mile section. The canal is only 1 meter wide and perhaps 20 cm deep. Amazing plant growth though. 6 different species all doing extremely well. 
It has an almost metallic green color in the sunlight.
Very neat little new foreground plant.

It has done well in acclimating to my tanks and looks to be a nice new foreground plant that forms nice tight ground cover.
It was only 1/2" max height in the canal and appears to do this in my tanks so far.
Tom Barr

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