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Re: [APD] Plants that apple snails won't eat...

my sister had that problem, she actually saw the thing eat a fiddler 
crab that didnt move fast enough, perhaps it was getting weak.

but, it quickly became apparent that the floating plants were harder for 
the thing to get to and generally survived and flourished.
-derek parr

Stuart Halliday wrote:

> John Lemons wrote:
>>I've got a couple of fist sized apple snails that my Daughter just adores.
>>Problem is, they eat EVERYTHING.  I don't mean nibble, I mean easily consume
>>whatever I put in there in very short order.  I want to keep some plants in
>>the tank, but I'm not sure what, if anything they won't eat.  Anyone have
>>any ideas?
> Amazing. I've got 6 and they don't eat any of my plants.
> I've got Pomacea bridgesii yellow.
> http://www.applesnail.net/content/species/pomacea_bridgesi.htm
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