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Re: [APD] Dreaded Lumens/PAR/PPFD/Watt per Gallon Topic

Back when folks recommended 4wpg, they weren't thinking of
the AHS products. George and Tome, just for two
accomplished aquatic gardeners, have suggested that 2wpg is
more in line with the AHS equipment, at least for a great
many situations.

Neither of them, nor I for that small matter, have ever
suggested that 1.5 wpg can't work or  that 3 or 4 wpg won't
work. I know some guys that run an unbeliveable amount of
light on their tanks -- but they keep after the maintenance

If you target about 2wpg, with good bulbs and reflectors,
being in that neighborhood will prove very workable. But
the margins are wide and anyone can cross over.

Get real, get live plants,
Scott H.

--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Jerry Baker wrote:
> > Now I just need to spread about 32,000 lumens out over
> my tank and the 
> > light levels at the bottom of this tank will be the
> same as 165W of 
> > light from standard fluorescents over a 55G.
> I forgot to add that if I had used the watts per gallon
> rule, I would 
> have thought I had to put 700+W over this tank when I
> really only need 
> about 384W worth of PCs. If we have reflectors like AH
> Supply sells, 
> then we can further reduce the amount of light needed. I
> do not know 
> what reflector (if any) the old rule of thumb assumed,
> but I would guess 
> that it assumed a diffuse reflector like a shop light or
> white canopy. 
> If that's the case, then you could produce the same
> levels of 
> illumination as 720W of F48/T12 lighting using only about
> 340W of light 
> from AH Supply. Instead of costing me $30.61 per month,
> my lights would 
> only cost $14.45. Efficiency kicks ass! ;)
> -- 
> Jerry Baker
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