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Re: [APD] Dreaded Lumens/PAR/PPFD/Watt per Gallon Topic

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Now I just need to spread about 32,000 lumens out over my tank and the 
> light levels at the bottom of this tank will be the same as 165W of 
> light from standard fluorescents over a 55G.

I forgot to add that if I had used the watts per gallon rule, I would 
have thought I had to put 700+W over this tank when I really only need 
about 384W worth of PCs. If we have reflectors like AH Supply sells, 
then we can further reduce the amount of light needed. I do not know 
what reflector (if any) the old rule of thumb assumed, but I would guess 
that it assumed a diffuse reflector like a shop light or white canopy. 
If that's the case, then you could produce the same levels of 
illumination as 720W of F48/T12 lighting using only about 340W of light 
from AH Supply. Instead of costing me $30.61 per month, my lights would 
only cost $14.45. Efficiency kicks ass! ;)

Jerry Baker
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