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Re: [APD] Back on the wagon

>Can I just double the K2S04 to compensate? Acquire some KCl? I'm a bit 
>hesitant in acquiring KCl as I already use NaHC03 as a buffering agent 
>and worry about the potential escalation in sodium chloride, or have I 
>got my chemistry wrong?  Or should I just bite the bullet and add KN03 
>back and do more water changes, ie every couple weeks rather than the 
>spotty once a month or not method.

Sure, I use both KNO3 (for my nitrates) and K2SO4 (for the K). No way I could use enough KNO3 to get the right amount of K without getting too much NO3 as it seems my tap water is lacking K.
For my 90gal I use 1tsp K2SO4 on the weekly water change and 1/2tsp in the two fertilizations between weekly water changes with no problems (1/2tsp, 1/4tsp for the KNO3).  If you only change the water monthly maybe just use the lower mid week doses.  Personally I find water changes with the python so easy I just do it weekly instead of trying to keep track of the fert levels, spend time changing water or spend time testing fert levels ;)

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