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Re: [APD] Goldfish and planted tanks

RM: "470 ppm of TDS isn't particularly high.  Goldfish can thrive in water 
that is much more mineralized than that."

It wasn't the goldfish that were complaining, it was the plants. I was just 
curious about the Kent recommendation to get it so high.

"The salt-based water softener is likely to be a problem. Your best bet is 
to just use unsoftened tap water."

I used non-softened water, no go for the plants. Once, as a mistake, I 
forgot to use the bypass valve and the plants really didn't like that, so 
you're probably right about not using softened water.

"RO and its reconstitution are likely to be wastes of both time and money."

Heh, you try drinking this crap. It makes you gag when standing over the 
kitchen sink with the water running. I added a RO faucet at the sink and 
connected it to the fridge icemaker, so the aquarium is 'just' a bonus.

"If your local water ways are absent plant life, then it is more likely 
caused by intermittent flooding and rip-up then it is by water chemistry. 
Besides, the chemistry of water in your local water ways may have little 
relationship to the ground water.  That depends on how much of the surface 
flow originates from springs."

It's my understanding that the local waterways are springfed as a baseline 
flow. They also do experience a lot of flooding during the 'rainy' season. 
Annual rainfall here is only 22 inches a year, so 'rainy season' isn't 
much. Under the treeline the waterways are grey because of mineral 
deposits. Out in the sun where they slow down and spread out, they are now 
a dull green. I'm told they are not green during the winter. Heh, 
greenwater on a large scale, how nice.


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