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Re: [APD] Goldfish and planted tanks

Small point of interest. A TDS meter is really jsut a
conductivity meter except that the dial, instead of being
calibrated in siemens is units based on a formula based on
the siemens.

You can use either to measure either. Just pick the formula
that seems most apt for your situation.  there's stuff on
this in the archives, such as:


and wright Huntley's excellent posting:


Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> We recently moved to a new home where the total dissolved
> solids (TDS) out 
> of the tap measures 470ppm. According to the local
> experts, our tapwater is 
> groundwater with a dash of bleach added for 'treatment'.
> The house also has 
> a salt-based water softener. My high-tech planted 90
> gallon aquarium 
> cratered. Probably not coincidentally, I notice that the
> local waterways 
> are almost completely bereft of plantlife.
> I've since installed an RO system which gets the TDS down
> to 15ppm. I'm 
> using Kent RO Right to adjust back upward, but if I use
> the Kent 
> recommended dosing level for goldfish, the TDS will be
> back close to where 
> I started. I cut it in half and am presently at 220ppm
> TDS after making all 
> additions, including plant fertilizers, and baking soda
> to get the KH up to 
> 5 degrees.
> So the question is, are goldfish sensitive to the TDS
> level in the water in 
> terms of long term care and health?
> TW
> PS: A TDS meter is a -really- nice gadget to have around.
> I bought this one 
> from the same folks that sold me the RO system:
> Made by Milwaukee.
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