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Re: [APD] AGA Aquascaping Contest closes TODAY - $250 grand prize added!

Other contest prizes have been donated by those supportive,
enthusiatisc folks, SeaChem and the Dallas/Ft. Worth
Aquatic Plant Club (DFWAPC). I think there are others, but
don't have the info on hand. The website will show all the

But prize shmize-- it's the sharing, showing and seeing,
that is the real fun!


--- Erik Olson <erik at thekrib_com> wrote:

> Just a last quick note that there's less than a day
> before our 2005 
> aquascaping contest closes (I'll probably close the site
> when the kid 
> wakes me up tomorrow morning at 5:30 PDT).
> Even if you've put it off & are now thinking "Hey, I
> can't POSSIBLY enter 
> this late"... YOU CAN ENTER THIS LATE!  You don't have to
> use the Post 
> Office! You could have an entry finished in an hour!
> Take 2-5 photos of your aquarium with a digital camera. 
> If you like, 
> scribble a diagram of how you planted it on a piece of
> paper & take a 
> picture of it too.  Go to our website, 
> http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org and register. 
> Upload your photos to 
> your entry. Pay your entry fee with PayPal.  Print out
> the photo release, 
> sign it, take a picture of it, and e-mail it to us.
> We're offering prizes this year, thanks to the work of
> Phil Edwards. 
> Each first place winner will receive something valued
> over $100.  Other 
> placings are rumored to have prizes as well.  And we just
> learned 
> yesterday that AH Supply will be donating $250 CASH for
> Best In Show.
> What's more, we'll automatically send your entry to Aqua
> Design Amano for 
> their 2006 layout contest if you check a little box on
> your entry form. 
> I'm not sure if they still charge a $15 fee normally, but
> you'll save the 
> cost of preparing yet another mailing to Japan next
> spring.
> Best of luck to all!
>    - Erik
>      contest organizer and still APD lurker
> -- 
> Erik Olson
> erik at thekrib dot com
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"Time has ticked a heaven around the stars" 
but it is closing the window of the opportunity 
to enter the AGA International Aquascaping Contest.

Today, September 15, is the last day to enter! 
Entries must be FULLY completed before the deadline lapses.

Share the fun and show your work!

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