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Re: [APD] Substrates

Vaughn said. "Another problem with soil in the substrate is that if  you
ever have to
pull out a plant, either to move it or to eliminate it, it pulls some
of the substrate lower layer to the top.  If that includes soil, it
probably includes some NH4 too, and algae love NH4.  When I had a
garden clay layer under my black beauty gravel my real algae problems
started when I pulled out some plants.  So, I will never use soil under
gravel again! "

I've had several soil-under-gravel tanks in the last two years and none have
me that kind of problem.  Last week I had to move a large sword plant about
inches.  I did stir up a little sediment but within an hour it was not

I'm setting up a new soil tank.  My first step was to get "topsoil"
subsoil) without additives,  Now I'm soaking it for two weeks to get rid of
most of
the organics.  When that's done I'll put about 3/4 inch of it into the tank,
over a small
amount of peat and mulm from another tank and under about 1 1/2 inches of.
2mm - 3mm gravel, and then plant.  And later, prune.


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