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Eichornia crassipes is local in the basin of the Parana river. It tributes 
to the Del Plata river, where Buenos Aires is located. There are no issues 
with this plants as far as I know. From time to time when heavy rain occurs 
in the north of the Parana (it runs from north to south), the water level 
raises and the current brings some ?camalote? (local name) floating islands. 
These are may have up to 90 feet in diameter or more, an occasionally 
carries snakes, spiders, etc. It is rare, but they may become a problem for 
yachting, since they sometimes clog small rivers and creeks of the Parana´s 
delta, but this is very uncommon. Water ways are wide enough to carry 
traffic (specially commercial) with no further issues.


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>anyone know where hyacinth is from?
>kind of curious now where it may actually be considered "native" and
>what the people there think of it.
>-derek parr
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