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[APD] Icecap MH Ballasts

I have read a lot recently on Icecap MH ballasts. There are a lot of 
reports out there of them only working with particular bulbs, or 
flickering a lot, etc. I spoke with Icecap this morning and they assured 
me that those problems are several years old and that the new MH ballast 
models are such that flickering is a physical impossibility. They told 
me that you can tell the old MH ballast from the new because the old one 
looks identical to a Icecap 660 VHO ballast except for the sticker, 
whereas the new ones do not have a wiring harness.

Does anyone have experience with the newer Icecap MH ballasts? I know 
that Icecap is a reputable company, and they are happy to assist people 
having problems with their ballasts, so I want to reward that if possible.

Jerry Baker
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