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Re: [APD] More substrates - DIY

I am setting up two tanks using Turface as the substrate.  One tank has the
gray - which looks black when wet.  The other tank - I used the red.  It is
a calcined clay used for athletic fields and the price is good.  I paid $17
for a 50 lb bag.  I added a layer of laterite during the set up.

Only hassle so far is that it is pretty dirty and took a lot of rinsing.
Even in the tank - it has taken a few water changes to get rid of the haze.
That was not a real problem for me - the price made it worth the extra
hassle.  It has had not impact on the water chemisty that I have measured.
Seems to not affect pH etc.

I think this material has been discussed before on APD - I am just too cheap
to buy that much flourite for this project.


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