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Re: [APD] Crypt meltdown (Raj)

>         I had a similar crypt meltdown when I did not change water
>for a few months. Similarly I scooped up all the mess and changed
>water.. the plants sprang back.
>         Any possibility of your light being on the blink? when you
>were not looking. Has the tube dimmed a lot?
>         Try a 50% water change and add some micronutrients.
>         What is a "constant spray water change" ?

Hi Raj,

Good to hear they should grow back!

No, the light is working fine; I'm working from home these days so I see 
it all day long.  I'm sure the tube had dimmed some over time, but I have 
not noticed a sudden dimming.  Is it possible that it slowly dimmed below 
some critical threshold and caused the sudden crash?

In other words, new water is being added 24x7.  But instead of it just 
dripping into the sump I have a spray nozzle with the idea being the fine 
mist hitting the opposite side of the sump and running down will help take 
the chlorine out of solution (no chloramine here).  I've checked with 
various tests over the years including a LaMotte and never measured any 
chlorine in any of my tanks (I double checked by measuring the tap and the 
tests did indicate for that.  I have four tanks using this system -- some 
have been using it for 6-years now and I would think the wild-caught fish 
in the 125gal would have indicated a problem by now if there was one with 

I add some Flourish every couple of days, you think it needs more now for 
some reason?

Anybody ever figure out what factors trigger crypt meltdowns?  Or at least 
ruled out some factors?

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