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[APD] flourite with soil substrate!

I have search the mailing list for discussions about substrates. It seems 
that most ppl either use soil or flourite for good plant growth. 
Has anybody tried to use both in the same tank? 
 I experimented it in a 5 gal a while ago. Using one inch layer of garden 
soil mixed with lime stone and one inch of flourite on top and no co2 
injection. I only had one plant in the tank - a red dawf lotus. Without good 
lighting, the plant growes well but not crazy and there were a little hair 
algae growth.
 I am setting up my 55 gal now. My biggest fear is algae. I am hoping by 
combining flourite with soil, I will minimize nutrition in water column, 
therefore, minimize algae growth. However, my previous experiment didn't 
exactly yield any positive or negative results.
 Has anyone tried this method? If so, how did it turn out in turns of long 
term algae control and nitritional dosing?
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