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Re: [APD] House Plants

>The other option is to actually grow these plants emersed, and the 
>philodendrens you mention are ideal for that.  If the tank has an open top, 
>buy one of those window sill planters.  Place the pot in it, and hang it 
>outside the tank, along the edge.  Depending on how thick the glass is, how 
>big the pot is, and so forth, you may want to fix a peice of plywood or a 
>length of 2x4 to the edge.  You can also locate the pot on a shelf near the 
>tank (or even on the light, but watch the heat).  Drape the phil. over teh 
>top of the tank, so thestems are floating and let them go.  THey'll send out 
>roots and eventually cover the top.  This can make a beautiful display.

I just set these up:


The picture of that cylindrical tank is here too.


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