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Re: [APD] Whining

At 09:35 PM 31/08/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>I cannot see the word wrap since I do not pick off the post from the Actwin
site, rather, I see it in my email digest ___as wrapped__. You can copy and
paste it into another program yourself, if the hassle is too much, simply
wait the 12 hours to get the APD digest emailed, mine came wrapped so I have
no issue with anyone's word wrapping or lack thereof.

Technology to the rescue!

I use a decade old (16 bit) copy of 'Eudora Lite' which works fine with XP
and wraps Barr's messages to the current (eudora) window size like it's
supposed to, not where Tom B decides to arbitrarily put them.


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