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Re: [APD] Hagen FL Ballasts

If the Hagen ballast could start them, it might keep them
lit, but there's the rub. The 40watt ballasts might come
closer than the 30w ballasts did, partly because they're
designed for longer bulbs and probalby a higher starting
voltage. The T6s are F42s, no? Nominally 42watt bulbs? 

Bit of a crap shoot, though. What matters is not just the
operating voltage, but too the starting voltage and the
impedance that the ballast puts in to the circuit. The
bulbs and ballast don't have to match exactly on any or
even all of those factors, but the match-up must be within
some reasonable range. If the bulbs aren't expensive, it
can be worth a try. alternatively, run down to Lowe's or
the lighting supply house and get ballasts made for the
kind of bulbs you are interested in.

You can always switch to PCs or T5s later. 

Good luck, good fun, and don't forget your 
Photo Release for the Contest ;-)


--- Jason Miller <jvision at telus_net> wrote:

> I've recently upgraded from a 3' 35gal tank to a 4'
> 50gal, and along with
> the size upgrade, I added some new lights (or lamps or
> bulbs... but not new
> fixtures!! lol).  I was running 3x30W using the Hagen
> Ballasts (one single
> tube, one twin tube); but, with the switch to 40W bulbs
> the twin tube
> ballast won't start.
> After fiddling around with the bulbs, I realized that the
> ballasts were
> meant for 30W bulbs.  The single tube ballast is running
> the one bulb,
> albeit not as bright as I thought it would be (I'm using
> T6s).  So, I'm
> thinking I'll need new ballasts - am I right?
> I do have a couple of shop lights kicking around - one
> twin, one single...
> interestingly enough.  I'm not sure if they're compatible
> w. T6s, as they
> were hooked up w. T12s.  Should I give these ballasts a
> shot?  Or, should I
> just use this as an excuse to go out and get some PCs (if
> the wife will let
> me spend the money!)?
> Tanks for the help.
> Jason
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