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[APD] Hagen FL Ballasts

I've recently upgraded from a 3' 35gal tank to a 4' 50gal, and along with
the size upgrade, I added some new lights (or lamps or bulbs... but not new
fixtures!! lol).  I was running 3x30W using the Hagen Ballasts (one single
tube, one twin tube); but, with the switch to 40W bulbs the twin tube
ballast won't start.
After fiddling around with the bulbs, I realized that the ballasts were
meant for 30W bulbs.  The single tube ballast is running the one bulb,
albeit not as bright as I thought it would be (I'm using T6s).  So, I'm
thinking I'll need new ballasts - am I right?
I do have a couple of shop lights kicking around - one twin, one single...
interestingly enough.  I'm not sure if they're compatible w. T6s, as they
were hooked up w. T12s.  Should I give these ballasts a shot?  Or, should I
just use this as an excuse to go out and get some PCs (if the wife will let
me spend the money!)?

Tanks for the help.


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