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Re: [APD] cherry shrimp

>>Does anybody have the URL of that really good German site
>>that has pictures of just about everything? 

Thats the one. Incidentally, I was at the Menagerie in Toronto
last Friday dropping off a few dozen white worm cultures.

Harold mentioned that next friday he'd have a bunch of exotic
shrimp and snails. Now, Harold always has Nerites in stock
and usually has a half dozen kinds of shrimp at any given time.

He had a couple of Peruvian Microbranchium species already amd
showed me a picture of a "virgin Nerite" that's supposed to
come next week.

Stuff arrives about 2 but Harold isn't finished acclimating them
until about 4 or 5 and can get pretty cranky if you get in his way.

Plant-wise he had Tonnia (sp?) in stock, A. longiplumuosis,
C. blassii, albda and pontiderifolia; some weird red spear shaped
Hygrophilia other than the usual stuff.


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