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Re: [APD] Glass myths

he probably didn't lie; that would require an intent to
deceive you with information he knows to be false and
expects yo to believe to be true. 

Forming sheets of glass by pressing molten glass material
between two metal plates went out when Mr. Pilkington 
devised the method of floating the molten glass over molten
tin. The later methods forms sheets with very parallel
sides (faces). The former process did not. Just one reason
that rhe plate forming method went out quite some time ago
-- in the late 1950 to early 1960 era, to be inexact.

But folks still call an open-end adjustable wrench a
Crescent wrench -- the name originally from the the company
that first held the patent, and still call gypsum wallboard
"Sheetrock" no matter whose brand is actually on the

The term "plate glass" is still used often for sheet goods,
i.e., plates of glass -- but it's a throwback to the '50s.

So far, no one has been known to suffer permanent injury
from these misappplied nouns. However, these habituated
linguistic conventions do have a Vise-Grip-like hold on
some folks, including those that call a refrigerator an ice

Scott H.
--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> Well that means my local glass shop lied to me. Which
> figures. Cause I 
> called and specifically asked for plate glass. Is it
> possible the 
> moniker has just taken new meaning? Perhaps when you ask
> for plate glass 
> your now asking for Float or Sheet? It wasnt very
> expensive.
> Ian

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