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Re: [APD] tempered glass

On 9/11/05, urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote: 
> It must be somewhat similar though right, my mother-in-law has burst a
> pyrex dish before, dont ask, and it was those same small random edged 
> bits.
> Ian

 No. I've broken many, many pyrex containers in my life and it does not 
break like tempered glass. However, the force involved in a burst can have 
an effect on the size of the particles produced. It's a long story, but 
while I was in grad school an idiot in our lab kept making glass bombs by 
improperly sealing tubes in a manner that allowed them to collect liquid 
oxygen. They didn't explode immediately upon rising to room temperature but 
exploded over a period of days. Very few identifiable pieces of glass were 
ever recovered but we had glass grit all over the place. The first tube to 
explode was less than 2 feet from my head and essentially sandblasted my 
glasses (thank god for them) and skin. 
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