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Re: [APD] tempered glass

All-Glass must ship it's tank long distances, so weight is
an important foactor inthe overall cost of production and
distribution. For a DIY project, your concerns are probably
simpler ;-)

One can construct tanks with "ordinary" glass that are as
stong as if made with tempered glass, but you will need to
use a lot more glass.


--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> yeah all the DIY glass projects i've ever seen for
> building tanks say 
> explicitly dont use anything but plate glass because of
> tempered's 
> shattering effect. I can get plate glass cut here locally
> for a few 
> dollars per piece to build a 55gallon. i mean if you look
> at any 
> all-glass aquarium it's pretty straight forward. it seems
> at least in 
> the future for me, the best route is the diy route.
> ian

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