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Re: [APD] House Plants

Hi Jeff

Yes and no.  Some house plants can survive extended periods of submersion --  
you'll see some for sale at your local fish store (often as aquarium plants, 
such as "Brazil Swords," which are peace lilies, "Red Sandy," "Gold Dust," 
etc.)  You'll note that I did say "extended periods."  They cannot and will 
not survive submerged indefinitely -- just for a few weeks or months, 
depending on species.  If you change out the plants regularly, this isn't a 
problem.  Ideally, you have a few sitting on a sunny window and simply swap 

The other option is to actually grow these plants emersed, and the 
philodendrens you mention are ideal for that.  If the tank has an open top, 
buy one of those window sill planters.  Place the pot in it, and hang it 
outside the tank, along the edge.  Depending on how thick the glass is, how 
big the pot is, and so forth, you may want to fix a peice of plywood or a 
length of 2x4 to the edge.  You can also locate the pot on a shelf near the 
tank (or even on the light, but watch the heat).  Drape the phil. over teh 
top of the tank, so thestems are floating and let them go.  THey'll send out 
roots and eventually cover the top.  This can make a beautiful display.
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