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Re: [APD] Silicone that really sticks

My pickup now has a cracked windshield.  A few  years ago a pebble hit 
a lower corner of the windshield and since then the crack has 
progressed across the bottom of the windshield almost to the other 
side.  Since the crack isn't in my field of vision, and I am a 
cheapskate, I haven't bothered to replace it.  So, one layer of the 
windshield, the outer layer, is now almost in two pieces, not thousands 
of little pieces.  The side windows are a different case.  I have had a 
car broken into several times, by breaking the side window, and it does 
indeed break into thousands of tiny pieces.  Two different kinds of 
"safety glass".
Vaughn H.

On Saturday, September 10, 2005, at 07:28 PM, urville wrote:

> i dont know about you, but i locked my keys in my car once and had to
> break the window, and I can promise you it was EXACTLY like tempered
> glass. Thousands of tiny pieces with no extremely sharp edges. In fact
> at every wreck I've ever seen is the same result

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