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Re: [APD] tempered glass

Glasscages.com uses plate glass for their tanks, not tempered, which is 
why the glass is thicker.
You also have the choice of low iron glass, costs mo' money....

urville wrote:

>I can't believe that!
> tempered glass is basically safety glass like your windshield. which 
>bursts into a thousand little pieces everytime. where as plate glass may 
>only crack and the pieces will be large enough that the silicone still 
>holds them in place quite well.  so it's choosing between a floor of 
>water every time and a possibly salvagable situation. it's also my 
>understanding that tempered glass may be weakened and seem fine only to 
>shatter seemingly for no reason at a later time. I suppose if the major 
>dealers use it then we have no choice, but i find that a disturbing trend.
>Sandra Derrick wrote:
>>Perfecto brand are all tempered and I believe
>>Petsmarts "topfin" brand are re-labled perfecto. Most
>>aquarium sizes above 30 gallons will have a tempered
>>bottom, and generally special shaped glass aquariums
>>(hex, bowfront, corner, Xhigh ect...) are tempered on
>>all sizes. Anyone interested in AGA particularly can
>>check the charts here:
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>Aquatic-Plants mailing list
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Aquatic-Plants mailing list
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