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Re: [APD] tempered glass

see i wasnt sure, because from what i've read that strength is mostly at 
increased temperatures. like pyrex glass.

Jerry Baker wrote:

>urville wrote:
>>I can't believe that!
>> tempered glass is basically safety glass like your windshield. which 
>>bursts into a thousand little pieces everytime. where as plate glass may 
>>only crack and the pieces will be large enough that the silicone still 
>>holds them in place quite well.  so it's choosing between a floor of 
>>water every time and a possibly salvagable situation. it's also my 
>>understanding that tempered glass may be weakened and seem fine only to 
>>shatter seemingly for no reason at a later time. I suppose if the major 
>>dealers use it then we have no choice, but i find that a disturbing trend.
>Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. I believe that's why 
>it is used as opposed to some perceived safety reason.
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