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Re: [APD] Fe and red plants

Thomas Barr wrote:
> The plant has to move the Fe to the tip from the soil, but an aquatic plant has no such issues since it it sbathed in the solution of water, unless there is not ample Fe in the water column.

Oops. I forgot to quote this in my last reply.

This is exactly right. If there is ample iron on day one, the leave and 
stems grown on day one will be green. If by day 10 the iron in the water 
column is fully depleted, and the substrate has none, then the growth 
that occurs on or after day 10 will be pale yellow. The end result of 
this is that the new growth after day 10 (i.e., the tops) will be pale 
yellow. Saying that iron is immobile does not mean the plant cannot move 
it from its roots to the apical meristem. It just means that it cannot 
recover iron from existing tissue.

Jerry Baker
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