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Re: [APD] Silicone that really sticks

i dont know about you, but i locked my keys in my car once and had to 
break the window, and I can promise you it was EXACTLY like tempered 
glass. Thousands of tiny pieces with no extremely sharp edges. In fact 
at every wreck I've ever seen is the same result

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

>Automobile windshield glass can't be tempered.  Imagine the effect of 
>driving along at 70 mph and a small stone hits the windshield!  Instant 
>blindness!  Windshields are just laminated with a thin plastic layer in 
>between two ordinary pieces of glass to hold the pieces in place if it 
>breaks.  And, the breaks are all into large pieces, not the tiny pieces 
>that tempering causes.
>Vaughn H.
>On Saturday, September 10, 2005, at 06:37 PM, Liz Wilhite wrote:
>> You sure about the layering? I thought there was tempered glass that 
>>is a
>>single layer used in window panes and for side and rear windows in 
>>cars and
>>laminated safety glass that is 3 layers, also known as auto glass, 
>>that is
>>used for windshields among other things. Could easily be wrong, but if 
>>tempered glass is laminated it is news to me.
>> Liz
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